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Our Officers

Executive Board

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Kyla Heley

Hi! I’m so excited to start my term as the new President of Alpha Sigma Kappa! I’ve held this sorority close to my heart since I joined my first semester of college. This group has always provided me with the support and encouragement I found myself needing pursuing a STEM degree. They have helped fuel the fire I have to bring awareness and change and I can’t wait to show how thankful I am by doing the same. I hope to serve as an approachable and reliable resource for the group while also helping encourage growth in a variety of areas.

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Vice President of Operations
Sarah Denison

I’m super excited to be Vice President of Alpha Sigma Kappa because it’s a great opportunity to represent and support such a wonderful organization. This amazing community has supported me through so much more than my undergraduate degree and I can’t wait to give back!


Vice President of Finance 
Rio Teuber

I am excited to be Finance Chair because I now can help make big decisions for ASK and help sisters with budgeting their money. I’m super excited to be on the executive board as well.


Vice President of Recruitment
Katt Hendershot

I am excited to bring new faces into ASK. I never felt like I would be a “sorority girl” but I met the most amazing friends and I can’t wait to bring that to others. There are so many majors that don’t identify themselves as STEM but are full of science, technology, engineering, and math and I want to empower them to have that STEM identity


Vice President of Communications
Mari Lake

 I am thrilled to be Comms! I can't wait to show the more social side of the sorority on social media. We are women and non-binary identifying people with big brains! We deserve to be seen ... with a little pizzazz (;

Officer Board


Academic and
Professional Chair

 Rylee Kutscher


Candidate Educator
Elizabeth Williams


Risk Management Chair
 Marina Black


Social Chair 
Jae Erickson

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Philanthropy and Community Service Chair
Emma Holloway


 Hannah McKinney

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